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We will be having events that unite our Raptors Family together! We are a family-oriented academy and we would love for everyone to continue to create memories together. These events are meant for everyone in their family to have fun, eat, play games, and play soccer!

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Family Tournament

We want to see what you are made of! A fun way to play with the kids and compete 2v2 or 4v4 (parent-child paired) in a friendly tournament with lots of games, competition, and food. And for the family members that don't compete, don't worry! you can come cheer and eat. We are here for a good time. 


Family Soccer Bingo

Family Bingo is a great game to bring the family together were you will the chance to win prizes. All boards will be soccer themed . We will have prices, food, music, soccer, and good times. Location will be announce!

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Raptor's Community Activities

We know that the entire family wants to have fun, so we created Raptor's activity day. It will be a day that we get together to play games such as soccer, cornhole, 4-in line, and much more,...Stay tuned for location and event date. We recommend all kids to wear the Raptor's uniforms.

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